GRaBS Adaptation Action
Planning Toolkit

Planning for a Changing Climate
Across Europe



Step 1:

The Tool User Guidance has just been published (15th August 2011) and if you are new to GRaBS this is must read to understand the use of the tool in the context of adapting urban areas to climate change.


If you are a GRaBS partner it's worth a read too and consolidates the three storylines from the project workshops:

You might also find the ASCCUE Summary framework for assessing climate related risk and managing the response useful as well.

Step 2:

Since September 2013 version 2 of the Google Maps API stopped working (it was deprecated by Google). The GRaBS project ran from 2008 to 2011 and we have not had the funds available to upgrade the site to version 3 of the mapping API. This version was released in March 2010 after we had built the tool.

It is now available for demonstration of its functions only. However, the UK case studies are still working

For Greater Manchester you can use

Either follow the instructions in one of the storylines or just start the tool.

Step 3:

If you have any trouble with using this website as well as comments please get in touch with Richard Kingston.